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Getting into the demo rhythm

How do you facilitate demos when you are an Infrastructure department who don't produce 'shippable products' every sprint but are configuring, optimizing, updating, and fixing issues on systems? In this blog post, agile coach Rasmus Lund-Jensen is providing insights on how he helped start up and maintain a demo environment that continues to be a safe space for constructive feedback, helps people become even greater at what they do, and provides transparency for everyone about what is going on.

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Our presentation for XP2020

On June 6th 2020, we presented some of our experiences at XP2020. The story is available both as a video as well as an experience report that features exciting creatures such as dragons, Kings and brave Knights, but it is mostly about how our progress on the agile journey ultimately ensured that our organization was able to survive (deliver AND keep a healthy mental state) during Covid-19 in 2020.

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