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Deployment whoopsies

Release management can be a hassle to orchestrate and automate. Our ambition was relatively simple - we wanted to release faster and faster. But we had continued with our old approach of a top-down and leadership controlled process - and it wouldn't help us achieve what we wanted. So we introduced an experiment.

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Wait, who said that?

Regardless of what you and your organization do and how you are organized, your leadership team needs to communicate to your teams. We struggled with how communication was misunderstood and made teams feel like they were micro managed - and we radically changed our approach.

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The ol’ switch(eroo)

Technical debt can in many ways be a blocker for aspirations to being agile. In our network infrastructure we saw how legacy technology would consume all time and energy for our network team, preventing them from developing the new solutions the business required. In this post, you can read about the experiment we did to help the team remove technical debt.

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